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Tyler’s New Year’s Special

Tyler and the Midnight Mystery

In the land where the dinosaurs roam,

Tyler flew under the stars, far from home.

The night air was crisp, the moon shone bright,

Guiding his wings on this mystical flight.

"A New Year's adventure!" he said with glee,

"A midnight mystery, just for me!"

The forest whispered secrets old and true,

As Tyler searched for clues in the morning dew.

In the moonlit sky, he saw a glimmer,

A shiny object, making him shimmer.

The river below flowed silent and deep,

Hiding mysteries that the night would keep.

"What could it be?" Tyler pondered aloud,

As he swooped through the clouds, feeling proud.

The stars above danced in a silent ballet,

Lighting his path in a mystical way.

Tyler’s friend, Luna, appeared from the dark,

Seemingly mesmerized by this same spark.

She moved with grace, like a whisper in the breeze,

Her presence calming, putting Tyler at ease.

They found a treasure, old and grand,

Buried long ago, beneath the sand.

The treasure sparkled with an ancient glow,

Telling stories of a world from a long time ago.

“I know what this is,” Luna said with conviction,

“It’s the Orb of Knowledge, from the storybook fiction!

“But those stories aren’t real,” Tyler exclaimed,

Yet the Orb felt powerful, all of the same.

Luna proposed bringing it back to the hills,

To the lands of Old Town where the air left you in chills.

There’s not much to see and some say it’s cursed.

Though all say it’s icky, and evil, the worst.

Luna told Tyler to go into the woods,

To find all of the branches and sticks that he could.

The plan was to place the Orb into a net,

Then fly it back to the Old Town, without breaking a sweat.

Together they flew, with courage so bright,

Returning the treasure before daylight.

The journey was long, the night was still,

But their spirits were strong, unbroken by the chill.

"We did it!" cheered Luna, her eyes a-sparkle,

"In time for the New Year, what a marvel!"

The morning sun rose, painting the sky,

With an array of colors, so pleasing to the eye.

Tyler smiled, his heart filled with cheer,

Ready for all the adventures in the coming new year.

As he soared towards home, the world awakened below,

Ready to be told about treasures, from long, long ago.

Matt Sidney, Chief Pterodactyl Officer


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