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Tyler the Pterodactyl

A Children's Book by Matt Sidney

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"Well written and illustrated book that provides the encouragement and uplifting story we all need. Tyler can be an inspiration for all kids and kids at heart. Highly recommend for a great bedtime read!"

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About Tyler the Pterodactyl

Tyler the Pterodactyl is a story about a pterodactyl, raised by a triceratops, struggling to find his identity. With a little help from mother nature and new flying friends, Tyler learns to embrace his differences.

About Tyler

About the Author

Matthew Sidney has a wild and curious heart. He often wonders what life would be like today if dinosaurs were still around. Matt will probably never find out what life would be like with dinosaurs, but that very thought, along with Matt's upbringing, encouraged the creation of Tyler the Pterodactyl.

Matt was adopted at birth in Lodi, California, grew up in Canton, Massachusetts and now lives in Boston. Matt graduated with a Bachelor's degree from Villanova University. He likes hiking, bike riding and exploring the great outdoors. He loves nothing more than being around his close friends and family.


His journeys have enabled him to find his own wings and support others to prioritize their wants, dreams, and adventures!

About Matt

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